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Stop wasting energy and cut your bills

Tips to help you stop wasting energy

Switch to Direct Debits and paperless billing

The cheapest way to pay your energy bills is by monthly Direct Debit. Many energy companies offer discounts to customers who agree to pay this way. Speak to your energy company to see if they provide such discounts.

Another way to cut down on your costs is with paperless billing. Again, many suppliers offer discounts if you agree to this. Instead of receiving bills in the post, you’ll get emails from your energy supplier and can manage your account and submit meter readings online.

This type of billing also has wider energy saving implications, cutting the paper needed to send out and pay bills by post.

Take regular meter readings

If your gas and electricity meters aren’t read regularly, bills based on estimated readings mean you could end up paying for much more gas or electricity than you actually use. Reading your meter regularly and updating your energy supplier also enables you to keep track of what you’re using and cut back if necessary.

Compare suppliers

Energy suppliers are all competing with each other, so switching suppliers can be a great way to cut your energy bills. According to gas and electricity regulator Ofgem, customers who switch both gas and electricity suppliers could stand to save more than £100 a year – but do your research before you make changes.

There are a number of comparison sites on the internet where you can find the suppliers offering the best prices and service. You can also compare green tariffs which allow customers to buy through schemes that use or invest in renewable energy sources.

It may also pay to look into dual fuel deals, where you get your gas and electricity from the same supplier. These often offer discounts and can work out cheaper.

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Make some home improvements

Investing in some Energy Saving Recommended products and Energy Saving Recommended lighting is a quick way to stop wasting energy and money. Making bigger changes to your home like installing insulation or buying a new boiler can give you even more significant savings. There are also grants and offers available for people who want to make their homes more energy efficient.

Insulating cavity walls, lofts, tanks and pipes can give you significant savings on your heating bills as well as reducing CO2 emissions. Even simple draught proofing to fill the gaps around your windows can help

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Fit energy saving glazing – it can save you around £140 per year in heating costs, as well as 720 kilograms of CO2.

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Consider a condensing boiler. These boilers are the most energy efficient on the market and upgrading to a condensing boiler and full heating controls could save up to £235 per year.

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Stop wasting water

Did you know that water companies have to use energy to supply mains water to our homes? We then use more energy heating it up for baths, showers and washing up.

If we all made some simple and quick changes in our homes, we could save loads of water. Waterwise, the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK, has a list of top tips to help you start today.

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Reduce, re-use, recycle

In the UK, we produce enough waste to fill the Albert Hall every two hours and most of this will end up in landfill sites. By recycling more, preventing food waste and composting at home you can do your bit to help reduce this impact. In partnership with WRAP we have prepared some top tips on household waste reduction to help you shrink your carbon footprint.

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Generate your own energy

If you’ve done everything above, why not consider renewable energy? Renewable energy technologies like solar panels, wind turbines, and wood fuelled heaters are becoming increasingly popular. These are effective alternatives to fossil fuels and will help you to meet your own energy requirements and reduce your home’s CO2 emissions.

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Worried about paying your fuel bills this winter?

If you are worried you can call the Home Heat Helpline on 0800 33 66 99 – they can give you help and advice about paying your fuel bills.

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